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Let me be the first to wish you lots of memorable meals, wine and the occasional local spirit! Say hello to the folks at Chandon/Terrazas de los Andes when you visit Mendoza. Can't wait to live vicariously through you!

Adeena Sussman

I can't wait to read your blogging adventures. I am living vicariously through you right now. Lots of love!


I cannot believe you! I am green with envy… When you get to BA:
Go straight to the Recoleta - have breakfast/tea at the Alvear Palace Hotel, walk the cemetery, say hello to Evita, go to the design building (furniture design, I forgot what it is called, it's like the interior design building here, but better and they can tell you the name/where it is at the Alvear Palace), then, go to Munich for lunch (right on the Recoleta park) and have delicious schnitzel and pancake de dulce de leche!! OH! And get Gelato at Freddo- right across the street from the Alvear Palace
I am so jealous!

Go to La Boca for the Tango & antique market - get steak and cafe (espresso & with a seltzer chaser) at any corner place -and alfahores (ALF-FAH-HORES) they are cookies w/ dulce de leche - mmmmmmmmmmmm good!) Oh what fun!!!

Keep me posted - xxooo


Hi Lisa, I'm salivating right now....the blog and photos are amazing. I fear I',m in danger of becoming addicted to living vicariously thru you right now. I envision many hours at night reading your blog and viewing your amazing photos!

Love, Ruth


Hi Lisa. This is better than "Where in the world is Matt Lauer!" :-)

The photos are beautiful and your culinary reviews are mouth watering.
Have a happy, healthy and safe New Year - wherever you are. I'll be checking in to share your adventures.

Sabrina (formerly F.H)

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